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Random NEWS: 16/Nov/2022.
i must say, that the more the windows version the more uglier the user interface gets. And not just that.... ...uh... :/ I guess I am never going to use other than XP version. I am opting toward linux btw. On my laptop i use linux mint at the moment. Although it is not hacked to the maximum yet. I am learning slowly. Windows sucks. :/ Still using MinXP on my main computer though,

Random NEWS: 06/03/2016. My site was down for 2-3 months in 2015 so I had to move to an other place. Not everything is working right now, but most of the site content is ok. The msgboard is in archive mode but if you have questions, you can find me on facebook

Random NEWS: 09/May/2015. I Bought a new PC (Motherboar, RAM, CPU), because my old one died. I installed XP again. Works like a charm. :)
Random NEWS: 2015. Still using XP. :)
Random NEWS: 2014. After using firefox 3.6 for years, now i updated to ff26. of course it nedded to be modded a lot.
Random NEWS: Whoa! 2013. And still xp. Win 8? No thanks. :)
Random NEWS: It is now 2012 and i am still happily using xp. :) My tray icons changed since but almost everything is the same.

last major update(s) @ 06/January/2010
- Shut down and log off dialog hack

site relaunched with new design and content @ 24/November/2008
the first version of my page: the iconless XPeriment @ 2005

No thanks to windows 7.
hacked xp with html desktop

intro: many people like to change the look of their desktop and windows, but only few of them do it without 3rd party applications. i mean most of the peoples are just using apps to change the icons, desktop, the explorer and certain parts of the windows. it is ok, but not for me. i want to keep my windows as "Minimal" as i can. without having bunch of programs running in the background. this is my way and this is what the site is about. keep it minimal!

in order to begin the altering process, the first step is to change the default blue skin. because it looks awful! ( just google for uxtheme patcher and visualstyle. or make your own visualstyle as i did. ) second step is customizing the icons, fonts, desktop, and all others you see.

either you use external resources ( icons, cursors, alternate shells, docks, widgets, gadgets, etc ) or you can reshack the whole system like i did. (Basically this site is about altering the windows with only reshacker and using some built-in solutions) changing icons, bitmaps, dialogs, and other resources within the dll or exe is an alternate way to customize your windows look. and it costs nothing, but only time. and it has the advantage of there is no necessary need having running programs in the 'background' all the time to achieve a customized look of your operating system. just reshack everything you see. :) i mean you can resize the dialogs, delete unnecessarry items, change icons and avi animations for your own taste. maybe this way has a limited capability of changing things compared to windows blinds, but if you like to do something creative, that limitation is acceptable. so, you can't change the windows 'Code' only the resources, and the script based UI elements. in example; you can't add items to common taskpanel's other places group, or change the order of the taskpanel groups, but you can recolor, change the layout / bitmap, remove some elements.

and there is a thing called active desktop. the most people have never used it although it's a great feature embedded in windows since windows '98. basically it's a 'layer' on the desktop which can be placed anywhere ( fullscreen or window ) and allows the user to add any HTML content to the desktop. you can use the normal way to get active desktop ( desktop properties > desktop tab > ' customize desktop... ' button > web tab > ' new... ' button ) or if you put a html file direct to your desktop. ( as a simple background item, i prefer this way ) a html with tons of your scripts ( javascript vbscript, css ) and with your own design with images, icons, flash anims, etc. unfortunately vista doesn't have this feature.

if you are familiar with html and javascript, you can do navigation script like the object dock or you can do something like rainlendar or rainmeter. Displaying hdd informations, system informations, todo infos, editable quick messages on desktop, scheduler, clock, timer, rss info, calendar and so on.

it is also important to know; if you decide to reshack your system, never download windows updates ( i mean, it's highly not recommended )! because if you do that, all of your works will be gone*, and you have to do it from the beginning. and of course turn off the automatic windows update and/or disable the windows update service. * it depends on how deep your system is reshacked.

skipping windows updates is a security issue that you might want to reconsider. don't do it if you don't know what you are doing. you have been warned.

contact: use the message board if you want to ask something.
i am not responsible for any side effects due to reshacking system files or if anything goes wrong. reshacking system files can cause serious damages, crashes, malfunctions, so be very careful. and don't forget to make backup of your system files before you do this.

do your reshacks at your own risk!