about PE compressors
The Portable Executable (PE) format is a file format for executables, object code, and DLLs, used in 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. On NT operating systems, the PE format is used for EXE, DLL, OBJ, SYS and other file types.

reshacking windows files is easy, because windows files aren't packed, but external programs could be.

exe compressors make exe and dll files smaller and protects programs from cracking it. the compressed executables decompress themselves at run time, and can be used just like the original non-compressed versions.

so what about reshacking 'packed' files?
this file has a non standard resource layout. it has probably been compressed with an EXE compresser is it familiar? in order to reshack packed files you have to unpack it first. how? download peid and load the desired exe or dll file into peid. this little program tells you what was the exe compressor used. then go to google or exetools.com and find the unpacker you need. unpack the file and then you can reshack it.

the most commonly used PE compressor is UPX.
see exetools.com for more unpackers.
windows icons
the most of windows icons are in shell32.dll, netshell.dll and xpsp2res.dll. the rest of icons are stored in various dll and exe files in mainly system32 folder. there are about ~3000 icons in windows files. yes, it is a lot of icons. you can extract all of them with icon extract, or resource extract and see yourself.

but due to duplicate icons and icons that shows up 3 or 4 times ( or even more ) here is a little help for where to begin reshack the desired icon(s).

windows icons
start menu icons > shell32.dll
explorer folder icons > shell32.dll
open / save dialog's places bar icons > shell32.dll
add / remove programs > appwiz.cpl > bitmap, & moricons.dll (4th icon)
zip folder icons> zipfldr.dll
control panel icons > mainly shell32.dll, + ***

tray, notification icons
local area network > netshell.dll
wireless network > xpsp2res.dll
sound volume > stobject.dll
usb device > stobject.dll
new hardware found > newdev.dll
task manager > taskmgr.exe
cd writing (You have files waiting to be written to the cd tray icon) > shell32.dll
battery > batmeter.dll > bitmap 301!
low disk space > shell32.dll (Drive Icon)
too low virtual memory > yellow exclamation mark > comctl32.dll in WinSxS/x86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls**** folder.

some common icons you see in windows:
shell32, netshell, user32, main.cpl, explorer, zipfldr, xpsp2res ...
strings in windows files
if you ever wanted to change any strings in windows, you may already know it could be a lot of time and energy to find some. in this rar file, here are all the string tables extracted from files (Dll, exe and cpl) in system32 folder. the rar file contains about 700-800 txt files. each txt file have the name of the dll where it has been extracted from.

the easiest way to find a desired string, by using the search companion in xp. select the folder that contains the txt files and search for a word or phrase in the file.

download string pack (SP2, ENG) - 1,75 Mb
dialogs in windows files
just a little dialog / dll list of the most common used dialogs. just some tips where to begin and what to reshack. for the icons, i recommend an icon extractor, and see yourself where to find the target icon.

FileDescription: Windows Shell Common Dll
file copy, delete, move, confirmations, run, run as, shortcut, encryption, folder / file general tab, file version, recycle bin, advanced attribs, change icon, open with, browse for folder, hdd/removable general tab, tools tab, unknow file type, choose details, file types, recording, autoplay, customize, cd writing wizard, rename shortcut, about, check disk, desktop: desktop tab, desktop: general and web tab, new desktop item, fodler > tools, general, view, and more...

FileDescription: Shell Doc Object and Control Library
web document, print, ie privacy report, file download, media bar, ie script prompt, profile assist, autocomplete, save web page, import/export wizard, add to fav, ie shrotcut general tab, ...etc.

FileDescription: Shell Browser UI Library
customize toolbar options > icon,text options, ie fav > new folder, rename, zipping folder/file dialog, media bar settings...

netshell.dll, netcfgx.dll, hnetcfg.dll
FileDescription: Network Connections Shell
some dialogs of network stuffz such as: network connection dialogs, new connection wizard, ...

access.cpl, accwiz.exe
FileDescription: Control Panel DLL
Accessibility Options related dialogs: keyboard, sound, mouse, display...

FileDescription: Security Descriptor Editor
file / folder security, permissions dialogs.

certmgr.dll, capesnpn.dll, cryptui.dll
certification templates wizard and certifications related dialogs...

FileDescription: Disk Space Cleanup Manager for Windows
disc cleanup dialogs, disc clean up tab...

cmprops.dll, sysdm.cpl, netid.dll
FileDescription: WMI Snapins
computer name, general tab, performance options, environmental variables, virtual memory, advanced options. (some of its dialogs are duplicate dialogs.)

FileDescription: Common Dialogs DLL
color chooser, font chooser, some print dialogs, find dialog (for text files), replace dialog (text), open / save dialogs...

FileDescription: Client Side Caching UI
offline files, offline files wizard...

FileDescription: Device Manager MMC Snapin
device related dialogs, tabs, some print related dialogs, driver/device details,

FileDescription: Disk Management Snap-in Resources
disk management, volumes tab, new partition wizard, new driev letter / change drive letter, disk wizards...

docprop.dll, docprop2.dll
FileDescription: Microsoft DocProp Shell Ext
document properties (summary) dialogs, tabs...

FileDescription: Windows Shell Disk Quota UI DLL
disk quota dialogs, tabs...

FileDescription: Services and Shared Folders
services(.msc) properties dialogs...

FileDescription: Add Hardware Control Panel Applet
add hardware wizard...

hotplug.dll, usbui.dll
FileDescription: Safely Remove Hardware applet
safely remove hardware dialog (usb), and usb related dialogs...

FileDescription: Internet Control Panel
ie6 related settings dialogs: general, colors, connections, programs, security, autocomplete, proxy, fonts, language, content, security, privacy ...

input.dll, intl.cpl
FileDescription: Text Input DLL
language and regional options dialogs. regional options, languages, time and date...

FileDescription: Control Panel DLL
mouse buttons, mouse pointers, wheel, mouse dialogs...

mmsys.cpl FileDescription: Control Panel Drivers Applet
cdrom tab, audip properties, sound schemes, midi, general tab, speakers, performance, speech, volume, voice...

FileDescription: Windows NT Logon GINA DLL
logon help, welcome to windows, logon to windows, logon message, windows security (ctrl+alt+del), lock/unlock computer, shutdown dialog...

FileDescription: Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Folder Shell Extension
file, folder confirmations, general tab, logon as, copy to folder, proxy warning...

FileDescription: Map Network Drives/Network Places Wizard
map network drive dialog, network places wizard dialogs,

FileDescription: Shell extensions for sharing
file/folder sharing tab, dialogs.. (see xpsp2res.dll too!)

wiaacmgr.dll, wiadefui.dll, wiashext.dll
FileDescription: Windows Picture Acquisition Wizard / WIA Scanner Default UI
scanner, camera and other imaging devices related dialogs and wizard.

FileDescription: Service Pack 2 Messages
updates of some dialogs. if you can't find a dialog, see in this dll. along with xpsp1res.dll and xpsp3res.dll.

FileDescription: Compressed (zipped) Folders
zip folder related dialogs, confirmations, extraction wizard. but the extracting file/folder dialog is in browselc.dll.

FileDescription: Property Pages for Storage Devices
advanced settings, policies, storages, dvd region, volumes.

FileDescription: Windows Setup API
select device, setup, resource tab, hardware installation / incompatible hw dialogs...

FileDescription: Remote Access Common Dialog API
dialing connection, connect, modem, security, dial interface wizard, icmp, etc..

FileDescription: Task Scheduler interface DLL
schedule tasks wizard, and settings...

mmc.exe, mmcbase.dll, mmcndmgr.dll
FileDescription: Microsoft Management Console
management console related dialogs, wizards, snap-in's...

FileDescription: Print UI DLL
add printer wizard, printer driver, printer settings...

FileDescription: Add Hardware Device Library
add hardware wizard, new hardware found wizard...

FileDescription: Windows Explorer
taskbar properties, taskbar notification, startmenu advanced, general, classic startmenu menu resource...

FileDescription: Windows User Manager
user account window. pure html/css content + javascript, easy to change.

FileDescription: Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
built-in picture viewer. main bgcolor is in shellstyle.dll.

FileDescription: Windows Logon UI
the logon screen. script based layout. uifiles and bitmaps.

FileDescription: NT Kernel & System
the windows boot screen. 4 bits (16 colors) bitmaps.

mstsc.exe, mstscax.dll, + mstscax.dll.mui & mstsc.exe.mui
FileDescription: Remote Desktop Connection
remote desktop dialog and settings.

appwiz.cpl + xpsp2res.dll uifile section
FileDescription: Shell Application Manager
add remove programs window. script based ui elements. hta/html.

FileDescription: Volume Control
the windows volume control.