frequently asked questions
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how can i remove the caption (Title bar) icon?
you can't in the easy way. you need to reshack the icons there. (Use blank or custom one) if you still want iconless caption without reshacking files, you need to use an alternate shell.

how can i change the taskbar icons?
you can't in the easy way. you need to reshack all the icons there. same icon used here as the caption icon. if you just want to get rid of it, you could use an alternate shell.

how can i change the systray icons?
you can't in the easy way. you need to reshack all the icons there.

how can i change the size of the icons?
the explorer icon size can be changed with the registry. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics and the key you need to change: Shell Icon Size, Shell Small Icon Size. icon sizes also can be changed here: display properties > appearance > advanced > icon.

how can i change the default folder icon?
the yellow folder icon is in shell32.dll > icon group 4 and 5. you can simply reshack those icons. or you can use an icon application to change the windows icons.

how can i change the address text next to the address bar?
the "address" text is in browselc.dll in string table 807 (for both explorer and iexplorer).

how can i replace modded system file?
by using this little command prompt tool called replacer.

how can i change desktop icon view?
by using a third party application or by reshacking the shell32.dll > menu 215 you will be able to modify the icon view on desktop.

how can i change the open/Save dialog icons?
the old fashioned icons are in the comclt32.dll (system32 folder) > bitmap 124, 130. the new styled versions are in comctl32.dll as well but in the windows/winsxs/x86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls_***** ... folders.

how can i put shortcuts into the my computer?
with this tool: shell object editor

how can i edit the *.msstyles file?
with reshacker, xn-resource editor or resedit. for editing not just the bitmaps but the text files too, you can only do it in resedit or pe explorer (But it is shareware).

how can i remove the 3D borders (Colors) from classic theme?
in regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors and change these values: buttonshadow, buttondkshadow, buttonlight, buttonhilight. by changing those values will affect to not just the borders but some other places as well. (i.e: menu, toolbar, etc). alternatively you can use 3D color changer (3DCC) to get rid of 3D colors and borders.

how can i change the logoff/Shut down dialog?
by reshacking the msgina.dll > dialog 20100 and shell32.dll > bitmap 14351, 14353, 14354 and 14355.

how can i change or customize the common task panel's commands?
you can't. however you can use this shell extension instead of the common task panel. findexer. with this you can use your own links, commands.

how can i change my boot screen?
by reshacking the ntoskrnl.exe bitmaps. help here, or by using bootskin.

how can i get system info on my desk?
by using a html + vbscript as set as background combo or by using a program like samurize.

how can i put an image background to explorer window(s)?
use this tool. IESHWIZ. more help here

how can i change the system font?
by changing the MS Shell Dlg font in the registry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion \FontSubstitutes > change the value of MS Shell Dlg and MS Shell Dlg 2. this is the system font that the windows uses in dialogs. but most of the other fonts can be changed here: display properties > appearance > advanced.

how can i remove the windows flag (Throbber) in explorer?
by using this little registry tweak. throbber. just simply extract the files and merge to the registry. there is one for the iexplorer window and one for the explorer window. also there is default settings for each one.

how can i change the logon screen?
you need to reshack the logonui.exe file in your system. check my simple logonui "Tutorial" here.

how can i remove the "New" menu?
in regedit navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Background\shellex\ ContextMenuHandlers\New and simply rename the default key value. like this: {D969A300-E7FF-11d0-A93B-00A0C90F2719+}. important to know: if you rename / remove this key you will not be able to make a new folder with the taskpanel's "Make a new folder" link! you will have to use a shell extension to make a folder or use the reg-tweak "Create folder here" on the selected folder. see in the tips section.

how can i remove unwanted items from context menu?
context-editor is a good app to do that for example. and it is easier to do it than do it in the windows registry editor.

how can i change the places bar links?
with tweakui or by creating these registry values here: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ comdlg32\PlacesBar

"Place0"="a:\\something1", "Place1"="b:\\something2", "Place2"="c:\\something3", "Place3"="d:\\something4", "Place4"="e:\\something5"

important: these values have to be string values!

how can i remove the desktop icon's text?
you can do with the "ALT+0160" rename trick or you can use the shell object editor to make a shell icon without name.

how can i change the start button flag and the start text in classic theme?
you need to reshack the explorer.exe. the start text is in explorer.exe > string table 37, 38. the start button icon is bitmap 143. or without reshacking: use TClock

how can i remove the menu bar (File, edit...) in explorer?
by using this registry tweak. no menubar

how can i remove the whole toolbar in explorer?
by using this registry tweak. no explorer toolbars

how can i remove recycle bin icon from my desktop?
by editing the registry or with gpedit.msc. or simply by using tweakUI.

how do i get rid of desktop icon background color?
first of all, make sure that Lock Web Items on Desktop is unchecked. and then click my computer > properties > advanced > performance > settings and put a checkmark in use drop shadows for icon labels on desktop

how can i make only the desktop icons large?
you can't*. because the desktop is basically a folder and the shell icon size controls all the icons in the system. you need to use a program to do that, like: samurize, avedesk, konfabulator, etc... although there is another way to get large "Icons" only on desktop by using active desktop (Html as background) but i recommend this only for those who are familiar to scripting html, vbscript or javascript.

*Edit: yes, you can do something similar by one of WinT's desktop context menu hack. with this hack you will be able to choose an icon view for the desktop. (Tile, details, list, icon, thumbnails)

how can i change the alt-tab (Task switcher) dialog?
you can't. this is one of the most annoying thing in windows because the task switching dialog hasn't changed since win95 and the "Dialog" is hardcoded into the system (Managed by CSRSS.exe), so there is no (Easy) way to change it. the only easy solution is using a 3rd party alt-tab replacement application.

how can i have a toolbar on my desktop?
if you have a toolbar on the taskbar, you can have it on the desktop by dragging it to the desktop. making a toolbar is easy: right click on the taskbar > choose toolbars then new toolbar...

how can i change visual style for classic logon dialog?
in regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\ThemeManager and change the DllName's value to your visualstyle path.