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reshacks & mods
task manager graph colors
windows analog clock colors
windows calculator colors
iconic left taskpanel (Classic)
iconic top taskpanel with details
iconless bottom taskpanel / shellstyle
bottom taskpanel / shellstyle with icons
only details bottom taskpanel
removing control panel icons from category view
list view in control panel's category view
add / remove programs window layout
simple logonui
removing the annoying focus rectangle (Sp3)
removing the flashing blue screen before the logon / lock computer
custom desktop text
removing the drive letters
custom desktop text
volume control without 3D border
alternate bootscreen
defrag colors
time date calendar
non-fixed taskbar button width
sound recorder graph color
screen saver hack (ssmypics.scr)
turn off shut down dimming effect
space between start menu and taskbar buttons
remove taskbar button icons
Live Messenger: turn off cleartype
shut down and log off dialog hack

how can i? the faq
how can i...
remove the caption (Title bar) icon?
change the taskbar icons?
change the systray icons?
change the size of the icons?
change the default folder icon?
change (or remove) the address text from explorer address bar?
replace modded system file?
change desktop icon view?
change the open/Save dialog icons?
put shortcuts into the my computer?
edit the *.msstyles file?
remove the 3D borders (Colors) from classic theme?
change the logoff/Shut down dialog?
change or customize the common task panel's commands?
change my boot screen?
get system info on my desk?
put an image to explorer window(s)?
change the system font?
remove the windows flag (Throbber) in explorer?
change the logon screen?
remove the "New" menu?
remove unwanted items from context menu?
change the places bar links?
remove the desktop icon's text?
change the start button flag and the start text in classic theme?
remove the menu bar (File, edit...) in explorer?
remove the whole toolbar in explorer?
remove recycle bin icon from my desktop?
get rid of desktop icon background color?
make only the desktop icons large?
change the alt-tab (Task switcher) dialog?
have a toolbar on my desktop?
change visual style for classic logon dialog?

pe help
about PE compressors
windows icons
strings in windows files
dialogs in windows files

tips and tweaks
the find, search panel
simple shortcut start menu
control panel application
customizing the user accounts window
balloon message icons
question dialog icons
the volume control
logonui: the uifile
xp styler: the manifest file
no boot screen
shrink the windows folder
reshacker tips
disable system file checker

shell scripts:
startup delay script
custom open with... menu
new folder here
new text file here
empty folder content context menu
empty temp folder ( i.e: startup )

registry tweaks:
disabling video thumbnails and media informations
disabling image thumbnails and picture and fax viewer
no shell icons
windows flag, throbber remover
Hide explorer toolbars
controlling the tileinfo, tooltips, infotips, and details
shell new menu text
move to..., copy to...
hide explorer menubar

rundll32 functions
collected registry settings and tweaks 1
collected registry settings and tweaks 2
collected old versions of programs

the logonui
html desktop (Html, scripts)
hex-editor help

tools, utils
hack, resource tools
other tools

program and other replacements
shell extensions
shell replacements

mod gallery

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