background informations
here are some screenshots of my customized windows xp with active desktop*. the system is highly reshacked ( about 250-300 dll and exe + programs ). icons are altered (ie: caption 'U6') but mainly removed from everywhere except from the tray and some "Tree-based" windows like mmc.exe snap-ins. *( using bunch of javascripts / vbscripts to get drive informations, quicknotes, scheduler, date and more... )

the visualstyle made by me also. no public version.

main system informations:
system: windows xp eng (sp3)
shell: explorer
system font: standard 07_55 Caps (edited) similar to haxrcorp
tray icons: simple 2 color icons. made by me
desktop: html and an image
context menu > shortcuts menu: grigri's contextaware
visualstyle: own VS
shellstyle: own shellstyle
windows folder size: at the moment it is ~690 MB.

cpu: amd sempron, running at 1500 mhz
memory: 1024 mb
video device: gef3 ti200

some frequently used programs:
instant messenger: miranda im (With icq and msn plugin)
mail client: popcorn 1.87
browser: firefox (Before that i used IE6 for 9 years)
text and script editor: notepad 2
media player: media player classic home cinema v1.3.1249.0
music player: foobar 2000 v0.9.4.2 (since 2007)
torrent client: Micro Torrent

my desktop in action
see the video
the gallery
sometimes i change the background color and the background image.
but that's all i change.

Firefox 26 Iconless (2014)
desktop 2009

Firefox 26 Iconless (2014)
desktop 2009

Current desktop (From july 2009)
desktop 2009

logonui (Graphite)
desktop 2008

clean desktop and contextmenu
desktop 2008

my computer window and control panel category view
desktop 2008

active desktop quick message input field
desktop 2008

user account window, taskbar properties and run dialog
desktop 2008

add / remove programs, fax and image viewer, display properties
desktop 2008

detail view window, foobar
desktop 2008

media player classic
desktop 2008

firefox 2 iconless
desktop 2008

firefox 3.6.10 iconless
desktop 2010